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Welcome to our match prediction website, Palmertips ! Here, we offer a unique blend of data-driven analysis, expert insights and 100% fixed matches to make sure profit.In our website you can find Fixed Matches, daily sure matches, ht-ft matches and free tips.Our sources come to us from inside the clubs, that's why we have sure tips.Dont miss this opportunity to make money.

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We offer a lot of betting choice.Depending on your style, we offer a variety of betting options:

 HT FT Fixed Matches, Vip Combo Tips, Daily Fixed Tips

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We have a committed staff of customer care representatives accessible 24/7 to help you with any queries or issues you might have. We're here to support you at every stage, whether you need assistance with account problems, game regulations, or technical support.

Palmer Tips has been providing in-depth analysis of soccer matches from around the world since its inception in 2007.In every analysis we perform, our team of seasoned analysts brings years of experience as well as a passion for the game to the table with a focus on accuracy, integrity, and expertise.Come along with us as we explore the world of soccer analysis,fixed matches,sure tips…And make money

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Alway choice fixed matches offer, because with fixed matches you always will make profite.Free matches are only preditictions but with fixed matches we quarantee win.

Half Time – Full Time Fixed Matches

HT FT Fixed Matches

Half Time – Full Time Fixed Matches, Palmer Tips

HT FT Fixed Matches

VIP Offer 100% accurate fixed matches

In football, HT/FT (Half Time/Full Time) betting is placing a wager that includes both the halftime and full time predictions. In essence, you're placing a bet on the result at halftime and again at the end of the game. Because it involves accurately forecasting two different outcomes, this kind of wager has the potential to yield bigger profits than ordinary match result betting. 

Potential Returns

The odds for HT/FT bets are typically greater than for conventional match result betting because they involve the prediction of two distinct outcomes.All things considered, HT/FT betting may spice up football games by providing the possibility of big payouts for those who correctly call both the halftime and full-time results.Its good chance to make profit with no risk!


Half Time – Full Time its premium offer with 100% of accuracy,no chance for lost.We always work with insider informaiton and well analyzed fixed matches.Your profit always will be quaranteed. Don't miss opportunity and start earning money.For price and information: Contact US! 


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2 Ht-Ft Matches (1/2-2/1)

Odds: 350-900

Secure: 100% Fixed Matches

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Go along with us for cooperative achievement. strengthening partnerships and bringing about positive change. Your confided in partner in the works.Buy your firist ticket and start win.For more information about Ht Ft fixed matches contact us. Dont waste your time and start wining.With Ht-Ft offer you always make good profit.Contact our agent for super deals and prices

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Last HT-FT Ticket


League: Austria: Regionalliga Central

Match: Ried  vs  ASK Klagenfurt

Pick:2/1 (Halftime – Fulltime)

Odds: 23.00 Resultat (0:1/2:1) Won

League: Bulgaria: Parva Liga

Match: Arda  vs  Botev Plovdiv

Pick: 2/1 (Halftime-Fultime)

Odds:23.00 Resultat: (0:1/2:1)

Proofs for Ht-Ft matches:

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Vip combo ticket

Vip combo ticket

Palmertips VIP Combo Ticket 


Open select advantages with our VIP offer. Get special rewards, personalized service, and priority access. Enhance your experience right now.With Combo Vip Ticket you can earn a lot of money without any risk.Games are 100% Fixed and well anaylized from our team.With this offer you can make a good profit Contact Us! Be part of our VIP Clients and enjoy in wining With our restrictive 4-game ticket. Appreciate premium choices, master investigation, and higher chances for greatest rewards!"

Potentional Returns

Your total return would be the sum of the winnings from each of the four matches you bet on, which would be calculated by multiplying the stake by the odds for each match. For instance, if you wager $10 on each match at odds of 2.00 (even odds), you would receive a return of $20 for each match ($10 stake x 2.00 odds) and a total return of $80 for all four matches ($20 x 4 matches). Be that as it may, assuming you put down these wagers as a component of a collector bet, the potential return would be higher, as the chances for each match are increased together. For instance, if you place a $10 accumulator bet on each match with odds of 2.00, the potential return would be $160 ($10 stake x 2.00 odds x 2.00 odds x 2.00 odds).

Our advice: Alway bet all games togheter to maximazed your profit

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VIp combo ticket is a premium offer that guarantees 100% accuracy and leaves no room for error. We generally work with insider informaiton and very much examined fixed matches. Your profit will always be protected. Don't miss this chance to start making money. For cost and Information: Contact US!

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4 VIP Matches 

Odds: 80-300

Secure: 100% Fixed Matches

Last Vip Combo Ticket 11.05.2024

Lisen  vs  Brno  Pick: X (3.00) FT: 1:1 Win

Tirol  vs  Alrach  Pick: 2 (2.40) FT: 0:1 Win

Dnyamo  vs  FC Gomel  Pick: X (3.60) FT: 1:1 Win

U.Catolica  vs  O'Higgins  Pick: 1 (2.10) FT: 3:2 Win 

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Free Tips

Free Tips

Palmer Free Tips 

hat sounds like a significant help! Free analysis of football games could be a great way to connect with fans and educate them about the game. Investigating matches includes separating key minutes, strategies, player exhibitions, and other significant variables that add to the result of the game. Giving this examination to free could assist fans with extending their comprehension and enthusiasm for football. It could also bring in a community or following that is interested in your insights. To add value to your audience, make sure to provide analyses that have been thoroughly researched


Don't forget that free tips are only predition our advice is dont risk and always win. Choose one from our fixed matches subscriptions

Half time/Full time Fixed Matches

VIP Combo Offer

Predition For  29.05.2024

Olympiacos Piraeus  vs  Fiorentina  Pick: 1 (2.50)

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Predition For  28.05.2024

Wehen  vs  Regensburg  Pick: 1 (2.00)  FT: 1:2

Predition For  27.05.2024

VPS  vs  Inter Turku  Pick: 1 (2.00)  FT: 3:1

Predition For  26.05.2024

Konyaspor  vs  Galatasaray  Pick: 2 (2.20)  FT: 1:3

Predition For  25.05.2024

Real Sociedad  vs  Atl.Madrid  Pick: 2 (2.90)  FT: 0:2


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Match-fixing history

Match-fixing, the demonstration of controlling the result of a game for monetary profit, has sadly been a piece of sports for a long time. Here is a concise outline of a few outstanding occasions of match-fixing in history

Calciopoli Scandal (2006)

One of the most notorious instances of football rigging matches happened during the "Calciopoli" embarrassment in 2006, which shook Italian football deeply. Examinations uncovered that few Serie A clubs, including Juventus, AC Milan, Fiorentina, Lazio, and Reggina, had been engaged with impacting ref choices to incline toward their groups. Juventus, the best club in Italian football history, endured the worst part of the embarrassment, being deprived of two Serie A titles and consigned to Serie B.

FIFA Corruption Scandal (2015)

While not stringently rigging matches, this embarrassment uncovered inescapable debasement inside FIFA, including pay off, extortion, and tax evasion, prompting a few high-profile captures and prosecutions

Palmer Tips - Fixed Matches Ht FT fixed matches Match Fixing - Fifa scandal

Asian Football Match-Fixing Syndicates

Asian football has been tormented by rigging matches embarrassments including coordinated criminal organizations that benefit from controlling matches across different associations and competitions. While exact income are hard to appraise, these organizations have been known to produce huge benefits from unlawful wagering exercises connected to fixed matches

Betting Winnings

Quite possibly of the most immediate way people benefit from rigging matches is through wagering rewards. Those with inside data about a proper match can put down wagers on the foreordained result, guaranteeing critical monetary profit when the fix is fruitful. This could include players, mentors, arbitrators, or others with admittance to delicate data

The profit from match-fixing over the entire course of time have differed significantly relying upon the conditions, the level of the opposition, and the people in question. While definite figures are frequently hard to find out because of the mysterious idea of match-fixing tasks

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UEFA Fixed Matches

UEFA Fixed Matches

UEFA charges Macedonian club with match-fixing

NYON, Switzerland — UEFA on Thursday blamed the president for Macedonian football club FK Pobeda and one of its players with fixing a Heroes Association game quite a while back.
UEFA said the pair, who were not quickly distinguished, were blamed for "controlling the result … to acquire an unnecessary benefit for them and an outsider."

The charge connects with a Heroes Association first qualifying round match among Pobeda and Armenian club FC Pyunik on July 13, 2004.

The meeting Armenian side won 3-1 in Skopje in the wake of scoring three first-half objectives. The groups drew the second leg 1-1, with Pobeda going out 4-2 on total. The UEFA charge proposes the Macedonian club lost the main leg purposely. UEFA said it got reports from bookmakers of unpredictable wagering designs and has taken proclamations from a few observers.

Uefa Fixed Matches

UEFA president Michel Platini comment:

Thursday's charges come a day after UEFA president Michel Platini said match-fixing was the best issue confronting European soccer. "Illegal betting can kill our sport," Platini told delegates from the mainland's 53 soccer countries at their yearly congress in Copenhagen. " Assuming the outcomes are fixed ahead of time, football has no great explanation to exist." Recently UEFA moved forward its battle against defilement by consenting to designate two additional auditors to its examination unit. UEFA has likewise elaborate Interpol, the 187-part worldwide police organization, in its examinations.

In 2007 the soccer body gave over a dossier containing subtleties of 15 matches it accepted may have been fixed.

They included qualifying matches for the 2008 European Title, Champions Association and UEFA Cup.

UEFA Fixed Matches Buy Fixed Matches Contac US

China Fixed Matches

China Fixed Matches

Chinese Football Affiliation (CFA) Scandlas

A previous leader of the Chinese Football Affiliation (CFA), Chen Xuyuan, has been condemned to life in jail for pay off, as per the nation's state media. In January, he conceded to accepting hush money worth a sum of 81 million yuan ($11.2m; £8.9m).

An enemy of debasement crackdown drove by President Xi Jinping has sliced through game, banking and the military.

In football, in excess of twelve mentors and players have been researched.

The preliminary at the Transitional Public's Court of Huangshi in focal China uncovered Chen's unlawful exercises from 2010 to 2023, which incorporated his previous job as the president and administrator of Shanghai Worldwide Port Gathering.

Examiners said Chen acknowledged cash and assets in return for his assistance with acquiring project agreements and organizing games.

The court administering said he had brought "huge harm" to China's football cause, as per the state-controlled Xinhua news office.

Li Tie

China Fixed Matches

State media additionally said that three other senior football authorities were condemned on Tuesday to somewhere in the range of eight and 14 years in jail for defilement. Recently, an ex-Everton midfielder and previous lead trainer of China's public men's soccer group, Li Tie, admitted to fixing matches and offering pay-offs to individuals, including Chen, to land China's top instructing position.

China Fixed Matches  Palmer Fixed Matches

LaLiga Fixing-Matches

LaLiga Fixing-Matches


Like any major sports league, LaLiga has experienced scandals in the past. Some involve allegations of match-fixing, while others involve financial mismanagement, doping, or player and club official behavior issues. Some notable scandals include:

The Giménez Case (1970s):

A pay off outrage including Valencia CF president Vicente Giménez. He resigned and was barred from participating in football activities after it was discovered that he had bribed opposing players to lose games.

The 2006 Operation Puerto

Even though Operation Puerto was mostly about cycling, it also involved a number of football teams and players in Spain, which raised questions about doping in football.

Fallout from Calciopoli (2006):

Calciopoli had repercussions not only for Spanish football but also for Italian Serie A. One of the clubs involved, Juventus, suffered consequences, including the loss of league titles. Despite the fact that LaLiga was not directly involved, the scandal had wider repercussions for European football.

Various years of allegations of match fixing:

LaLiga, like many football leagues, has been accused of match-fixing at various points. When evidence was found to support such claims, disciplinary actions were taken against clubs, players, and officials as a result of investigations.

Mismanagement of the money:

Mismanagement of funds, unpaid player wages, and issues with club ownership have all contributed to financial difficulties and scandals for a number of LaLiga clubs. Point deductions, transfer embargoes, and other penalties from league authorities may result from these circumstances.

LaLiga Fixing-Matches

Even though these are just a few examples, it's important to remember that LaLiga, like other leagues, takes steps to deal with problems like these and keep the competition honest.

LaLiga Fixing-Matches