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China Fixed Matches

China Fixed Matches

Chinese Football Affiliation (CFA) Scandlas

A previous leader of the Chinese Football Affiliation (CFA), Chen Xuyuan, has been condemned to life in jail for pay off, as per the nation's state media. In January, he conceded to accepting hush money worth a sum of 81 million yuan ($11.2m; £8.9m).

An enemy of debasement crackdown drove by President Xi Jinping has sliced through game, banking and the military.

In football, in excess of twelve mentors and players have been researched.

The preliminary at the Transitional Public's Court of Huangshi in focal China uncovered Chen's unlawful exercises from 2010 to 2023, which incorporated his previous job as the president and administrator of Shanghai Worldwide Port Gathering.

Examiners said Chen acknowledged cash and assets in return for his assistance with acquiring project agreements and organizing games.

The court administering said he had brought "huge harm" to China's football cause, as per the state-controlled Xinhua news office.

Li Tie

China Fixed Matches

State media additionally said that three other senior football authorities were condemned on Tuesday to somewhere in the range of eight and 14 years in jail for defilement. Recently, an ex-Everton midfielder and previous lead trainer of China's public men's soccer group, Li Tie, admitted to fixing matches and offering pay-offs to individuals, including Chen, to land China's top instructing position.

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